Opening: Wednesday, August 17th 2011
Location: The Esplanade, The Lagoon, Cairns Marina, Fogarty Park, Shields Street, Cairns Public Library, Centre of Contemporary Arts, The Big Captain Cook & Tanks Art Centre

The Cairns showing of (Un)seen Sculptures is being presented as part of the Cairns Festival and is being staged at locations along the length of The Esplanade and throughout the city.


1. Download the latest version of the Layar Reality Browser

If you have a iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, you can get it from iTunes; if you have an Android, you can get it from the Android Market; if you have a compatible Nokia (C7, C6-01, E7, N8 or N97), you can get it from the Ovi Store.

If you already have Layar installed on your phone, make sure you upgrade it to the latest version (5.0). If you have a version earlier than 4.0, you won’t be able to view (Un)seen Sculptures. You can still potentially view the works with Layar 4.0, but for the best viewing experience, get 5.0.

2. Print out the map

Most of the artworks will only be visible at specific locations, so you’ll need the map to find them. You’ll find a printable PDF of the map here. (If you turn up to the Festival without a map, don’t worry. Pre-printed maps are also available at the Cairns Festival HQ in City Place, Cairns Library, Civic Theatre, the Centre of Contemporary Arts, and Muddy’s Art Village.)

3. Bring headphones (not absolutely necessary…)

Four of the works in the show – Virtual Native, Sex and Death Bufo Colony, Portuguese Legendary Cocks and The Information Virus – have audio associated with them, and you’ll obviously need headphones to hear it properly (or you could just hold your device up to your ear – it is a phone, after all). Check the map for instructions on listening to the audio in each case.

4. Go to the locations and open up Layar

When you arrive at your first location, open up the Layar app and search for unseen or cairns. A layer (that’s what they call a set of works on this app) called Unseen Sculptures should appear. Tap on it to begin experiencing the artworks.

5. Touch the art

If you want to learn more about any artwork you are viewing, “touch” the artwork on your phone screen, and the title & artist’s name will appear. They’ll also be a button entitled About This Work that you can press to read the artist’s statement.

And finally…

The works need to be downloaded from the web before being shown to you, so there may be a short wait for some of them. Please be patient.

Also, we recommend that you only open up Layar when you are at a location and viewing a work. The rest of the time, it’s best just to keep the app closed.

If you have any problems seeing the works at any location (or works from other locations “follow you”, as they sometimes do), press the “refresh” button – it’s the little arrow at the top left of the screen on an iPhone; on Androids, it’s available in the options menu. (If you’re on Layar 4.0 on an iPhone, you find it by pressing the info button.) Refresh).