Josh Harle & Tully Arnot

Foot (Relic)

The sculpture is modelled from a 1:1 concrete cast of the artist’s foot. Through scanning this object and manipulating its size, our intention was to explore the audience’s experience of the ‘relic’ and how it is possible to construct a synecdochic relic that would be read as part of a non-existent whole.

This ruin, as discovered by the augmented reality techno-archaeologist, appears as both monumental and absurd. Perhaps a tiny remnant of a statue to a long forgotten ‘God’, or a contemporary tribute created by Monty Python fanatics…

About The Artists

This is the first collaboration between Josh Harle and Tully Arnot, originating from late night coffee fuelled discussions after sharing a studio for the past year. Josh is currently undertaking a PhD in Design/Architecture at UNSW, and Tully is undertaking a MFA at COFA.

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