Port Macquarie, May 1st – 31st

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In May this year, the fifth installment of (Un)seen Sculptures, a mobile 3D augmented reality art show, was presented by dLux MediaArts and Glasshouse Gallery. The exhibition was staged at locations in and around the city centre of Port Macquarie. A map of these locations can be found on this Google Map.

Situated at each these locations were virtual digital works; hidden from the naked eye but visible to anyone with an iPhone or Android smartphone and an app called the Layar Augmented Reality Browser, that can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

As with previous shows, there were works by Australian artists and international visitors from USA, China, Germany, and the Netherlands. This time around though a workshop on augmented reality techniques was held prior to the show and out of this came two works, Tea Culture and Dolphin Art School, which were created by local artists and featured as part of the show.

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