Gordon Beattie

Butterfly Warrior & Blue Form 56

I first became interested in virtual reality when introduced to Second Life seven years ago. I became involved in constructing buildings, environments and objects in the Second Life Virtual Space. It presented a theatre of possibilities without the cost.  Since then the ability to design, construct and manipulate three dimensional objects in a virtual environment has been extraordinary, opening up lots of possibilities for artists. While these have been well explored commercially in the gaming and entertainment sector, ER provides opportunities for artist to create 3D objects which can appear using hand held Phones and Pads in real situations. Butterfly Warrior and Blue Form 56 were created using a 3D modelling programme and are playfully presented in this exhibition. It is ironic that the limitation of size with a 3D model created on a screen can be liberated by an even smaller screen with out the apparent size restrictions of that screen and within the natural environment. Because we could we did.