Ben Rak

Don’t Try To Dance

The work is about the fluid nature of contemporary identity. More specifically, it is a snapshot of my personal experiences.

Having been born in one country, grew up in another and in adulthood migrated to a third (Australia), sub-culture (surfing) has played a crucial role in the formation of my identity. This has encouraged me to explore the relationships between different forms of personal and group identity, including culture and sub-culture within the context of a consumer society.

In ‘Don’t try to dance’ I’m looking at the meaning of body language and how it serves as one of many cultural signifiers.

About The Artist

I was born in Berkeley, USA and grew up in Israel. Initially I studied cooking and worked as a chef, in a way, using food for my artistic expression. A self taught photographer, I spent many years exploring the relationships between different cultures and the connections between man and the landscape. Later, I added digital manipulation to my photography expertise and extended my professional artistic career. With such diverse experiences, in 2001, I moved to Sydney, Australia. In 2006 I joined the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales to pursue a BFA in Printmaking. There, I devised unique conceptual methods of combining photography and printmaking through photosensitive techniques. My photographs and prints have been exhibited in various group shows nationally as well as internationally.

Currently I am completing my Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking at Sydney’s College of Fine Arts.

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