Nathan Shafer (2011)

Australises IX and Archie (aka Architeuthis)

(Melbourne Only)

About Australises IX

A recreation of the rarely seen space weather event in the southern hemisphere known as the southern lights, or the aurora australis, presented for those without physical access to it. Space weather and the solar wind are part of the environmental landscape of digital/ mobile/ locative media projects. We have not established a ubiquitous attachment to space weather yet, but I believe we will. I think of this kind of work as digital pastoral.

About Archie (aka Architeuthis)

Is a project using one of the descriptions of locative media art from William Gibson’s “Spook Country”.

About The Artist

Nathan Shafer is a global artist, writer and educator from Anchorage, Alaska. In 2008 he recieved his MFA in digital media from Rutgers University in New Jersey. For the past ten years he has been working with new media, constructing a wide range of socially interactive and technology-based projects, from low-temperature superconductors and cryonic suspension devices to his recent work integrating augmented reality platforms with phenomena. In 2000 he helped form the Meme-Rider Media Team, and in 2010 he initiated the Sub-Arctic Reenactment League of Living Yore (SRSLY) in Anchorage, AK.

Artist’s Website : Robokonon & the Cosmic Co-Ed

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