Alison Locke (2011)

Pillow Cube

The most interesting thing about working with 3D modelling software for me is the ability to create objects and images that are “hyper-real”. Images can look photorealistic in terms of lighting and texture, while at the same time abandoning the physical laws of the universe. I’m interested in this dichotomy between possible and impossible, as well as the visual contrast of the straight geometric lines on the sculpture’s face, against the flowing, organic nature of the overall structure.

About The Artist

Alison became interested in 3D modeling and animation while studying painting at art school. She went on to study animation for computer games at TAFE, but her true passion of becoming a visual artist won out. She now combines her computing skills with her traditional art knowledge to make her work. Creating art and participating in the visual arts community, including teaching art, is now what she focuses much of her effort towards. She has two two small children who she looks after full-time. Alison exhibits her animations and images in galleries around Australia.

Artist’s Website : Alison Locke

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